Holiday Gifts

Are you ready to show some love? Show someone you care with one of our unique gifts. These lovely and calming succulents can help give someone support during these difficult times. Nothing can brighten someone's day better than greenery and bring relief from a stressful day! Click here to browse our selection, and don't forget to choose one for yourself!

Want customization? Bulk order? Looking for wedding favor? No worries, our florist is on it! Contact us for your request, we are glad to help :)

Izawa Peach Oval Plate
Izawa Peach Rice Bowl
Izawa Red Apple Bowl
Izawa Cherries Soup Cup
Izawa Peach Soup Cup
Izawa Strawberry Soup Cup
Izawa Strawberry Curry Plate
Izawa Strawberry Minori Mug
Izawa Strawberry Oval Plate
Izawa Strawberry Rice Bowl
Izawa Yuzu Dish
Izawa Yuzu Mug
Izawa Japanese Tea Cup
Izawa Japanese Tea Cup
Izawa Japanese Tea Cup