Potted Sets

Echeveria Colorata with Gang Pot
Graptopetalum Bluebean & Crassula Perforata with Pottery Pot
Echeveria Omega Queen with Fruit Punch Blueberry Pot
Echeveria Tolimanensis with Fruit Punch Orange Pot
Echeveria Dalpina with Fruit Punch Lemon Pot
Echeveria Kircheriana with Fruit Punch Apple Pot
Calathea Ornata Pinstripe with Colourful Black
ZZ Plant with Azure Green
Philodendron ‘Moonlight’ with Azure Green
Rubber Plant with Blacky Pot
Begonia Maculata with Traditional Flower Pot
Pineapple Plant with Blue Layer Pot
Sansevieria Zeylanica with Rough Concrete Pot
Begonia Rex with Pink Minimalism Style Pot
Parlor Palm with Mountain River Pot
Pothos Golden with Pumpkin Pot
Calathea Roseopicta Cora with Black Curved Pot
Rubber Tineke Plant with Pink Minimalism Style Pot
Sold Out
Chinese Evergreen Silver Bay with Cow Leaf Pot
Planter + Plant(s) No.23
Planter + Plant(s) No.22
Planter + Plant(s) No.21
Planter + Plant(s) No.20
Planter + Plant(s) No.19
Planter + Plant(s) No.18