How succulents been shipped?

We do ship worldwise. We seperate the soil and succulent, and we will clean up the root of the succulent before we ship them. So basiclly they will come like the plugs.

(Since we seperate the soil and plants, there will be only succulents in the package, no soil nor plastic pot. I would recommend you add Nutrient Soil or planters to your order)


How houseplants been shipped?

For houseplants, the plant and plastic pot (includes soil) would come together, so do not be surprised if you receive an extremely big package. 

We pack all our products extremely careful so most of the time, they will not be damaged. They may be in a bad condition when you receive them, especially for the long-distance orders. Simply water them, keep ventilation, and give them some light, they will be recovered soon.

If they are damaged during the shipping process, and you would like a return, please check the Return page for detail.


Can I do pick up?

Yes we can. We are offering contactless pick-up in Vaughan.

Please check the page here https://www.springergarden.com/pages/pick-up


I am in United States, can you ship my order?

If you are buying planters/accessories, yes, we can.

If you are buying plants, I am afraid we do not have the permit to ship plants to the States, hope you understand.