Three Types of Succulents & Different Winter Caring Tips

Three types of succulents are classified under the topic of succulent care. These succulents are listed as follows:

1. Summer succulents thrive in the summer because they do not hibernate. Difficulty level: easy-care.

2. Winter succulents flourish in the winter and may hibernate or grow gradually in other seasons, especially during the summer. Difficulty level: challenging.

3. Succulents that thrive in the spring or fall season may decrease in size or cease growing through the summer and winter months. Cold tolerance: moderate.


Tips for Succulent Care When Preparing for Winter

Now that winter is approaching, what are some of the important aspects to remember when caring for succulents?

Winter and in-between succulents: Because they are performing their best developmentally, you can water your plants as normal. Be careful not to overwater to avoid problems with root rot.

Plant succulents belonging to the Haworthia genus, such as Haworthia obtusa var. pilifera, Haworthia maughanii, and Haworthia truncata Schönland, that require air, in a transparent container (such as a fish tank).

This will give the plants a growing environment that is moist but not too humid. This will also allow the plants to receive adequate ventilation and sunshine to support further growth.

Summer succulents: For species such as cacti, maintain and control irrigation to prevent deterioration from overwatering.

Because it sunshines less during the winter, make sure succulents receive adequate sunlight during daylight hours.


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