Our Story


Born out of a desire to bring the world of plants to a wider audience, Springer Garden represents our commitment, as plant lovers, to share our knowledge of plants with others.

From our beginning as a virtual website to being a one-stop shop for plants, onsite and off-site, we have made it our goal to provide the highest level of customer service.

Whether you are growing your first plants or need tips on maintaining healthy plants, we can support all of your planting and plant care needs.

Created by Asian plant artists and chosen by our expert gardeners, our plants represent extremely rare and beautiful species.

We always guarantee customer satisfaction, making sure that plants are sold in the very best condition. Most of our planters feature drainage holes to ensure that plants are not overwatered and that they drain properly.

What are you plant care needs? Contact us any time for further information about our plants, tips about planting, or our featured planting accessories.