Our Story


Springer Garden...

is a small women-run business that is passionate about bring the best succulents and planters to people that love nature and greens. If you are new to this world filled with tiny, cute, little plumped green blobs, don’t worry! We have you covered. 


What we sell — planters

We aim to create the highest quality products that are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. We take pride in the ability of our planters to support our plants in the best way possible. With all of our planters hand-made, each piece becomes unique and special, waiting for you to pick them up to bring home. 


What we sell — succulents

Hand picked by our expert gardeners and carefully raised by our team, each succulent is astonishingly beautiful. We have a large collection of both Canadian-raised and Korean-imported succulents for you to browse, so prepared to be amazed. 


We understand that plants are very delicate creatures and that there are bound to be unanswered questions on the path to raising one yourself. So, we have a super friendly customer service team that is available to help you through the journey alongside these little succulents — and together, we can watch them grow. 


Not sure where to start? You can Contact us at any time for further information. We will tailer to your needs and give you all the professional advice you may need to start a succulent family of your own.


We look forward to a lovely, life-filled journey with you.