Local Succulents

All succulents are pet-friendly, safe for your dogs and cats.

Do you love shopping local? True North succulents were born and bred on Canadian soil and are waiting to become a member of your family. Bring one home today and help support local succulents!

Assorted Echeveria Bundle (3''~3.5'')
Rare Assorted Succulents Mix Bundle (3"+)
Cactus Wholesale Bundle
Local Succulents Premium One-of-Kind 3.26
Oscularia Deltoides "Pink Ice Plant"
Pachyphytum Glutinicaule
Echeveria Tetra Gem
Echeveria Raspberry Ice
Echeveria Dionysos
Graptoveria Debbie
Haworthia Fasciata
Crassula Dejecta Variegated