Planting Accessories

Why would you feed your plants anything less than the best? Your plants need the highest quality foundation to grow healthy and strong. We have premixed, nutritious soil ready to support the growth of your plants to their fullest potential. We also provide individual packages of stones if you want to do some mixing yourself. Feed your plants the best food they can get! Your succulents will thank you for it!
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Repotting Fee/Per Plant
Cleaning brush
Drainage Mesh Hole Screens / Set of 2
Plant Tweezers
Emergency Fee/Pot
Price Different
Succulent Soil/700g
Vermiculite Soil/30g
Liaflor Clay Pebbles (Hydroton/Ceramsite) /500g
Red Lava/1kg
Green Zeolite/1kg
White Pebbles/1kg
Sold Out
Houseplant Soil/500g
Packing Box
Small Bulb decoration
Sun Mesh Shade Sunblock