How to water & take care of succulents in winter?

How to water succulents in winter is not decided by the winter, but by the climate temperature of the planting environment.

According to the usual maintenance, the lowest temperature in winter is 10℃ or so, you just need to elongate the watering frequency slightly, and you can still water the entire pot;

When the temperature is below 5℃, should take an appropriate water control, water a small amount of water along the edge of the pot, completely cut off water is not good.

If you are living in a place the outdoor temperatures are higher than 15℃ in winter... It can be used as another succulent growing season and just water as usual.

As for winter temperatures below 0℃... Let's not worry about how to water the succulents, let's worry about how to protect them against the cold.


Of course, there are some tips and don’ts for watering succulents in winter.


It is best to wait until the soil is completely dry before watering:


Winter temperature is low, most succulents have entered the semi-dormant period, slow growth or even no growth, when soil is not dry, do not water it. Because of the low evaporation of water in winter, coupled with the growth stagnation of plants at low temperatures, especially the decline of root vitality, excessive water makes root breathing poor, which is easy to cause root disease, even root rot, and death.

If you can not grasp the frequency of watering, you can even wait for succulent leaves to slightly shrivel and then water them, when the succulent leaves are soft and shrivel, it is a sign of water shortage, watering at this time can not only solve the thirst of succulent but also force the growth of succulent capillary root, pay attention to the accumulation of nutrients to prepare for water shortage. In addition, proper lack of water can make succulents more beautiful.


Watering time is the best choice at noon, on a sunny day:


Because the morning weather is cold, the succulent root is still in a state of sleep, too early to disturb it in a cold condition is not good. At night the cooling is fast, if watering at this time, moisture can not be distributed, which is not conducive to succulent growth. If it is about 0℃ environment, it is even possible that the late watering and make plants frostbite. When the weather is cloudy or too cold, you can not rush to the water, it is okay to water a few days later. Because it is winter, most succulents are not in the growing season, water is not just needed.

The water can be stored in the bucket for a day or two to let the chlorine gas in the water volatilize and then used. If the water temperature is too low, you can add a little warm water to keep the temperature consistent with the soil as far as possible (when the hand is not cold in the water).

Friends with heating, because the room temperature is high, the air is dry, it is possible to water once in two or three days, but if the light is not enough, it is easy to grow leggy, should be appropriate water control, elongate watering frequency. If the air is too dry, you can also consider spraying some water.


Some examples


Some succulents that are easy to enter dormancy in winter, such as Orostachys Boehmeri, after entering the dormancy state, once or twice a month, a small amount of water can be provided along the basin.

The night temperature into 5℃, Haworthia can consider a water cut or a small amount of water supply because Haworthia although still slightly grow under this temperature, but too chubby Haworthia, low temperature is easy to get freezing damage in the center of the leaves and part of the leaf tip. 

Cactus can be cut off the water below 10℃. It is not good for the second year's growth if not let them rest in the winter.

Some standard winter species, such as Sempervivum, grow happily in winter, and water is just needed. Don't harm them by not watering them, and then water them thoroughly.

In short, the big principle of succulents watering in winter can be understood as that this is not the growing season of succulents, watering is not too diligent, compared with the growing season, less watering volume, longer watering interval, can make succulents more beautiful, but also more healthy.

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