3 Tricks for Succulent Leaf Propagation

Remember these three small tricks for succulent leaf propagation: They take root fast! One leaf will become ten leaves, one head will become the cluster.

There are many kinds of succulents, all of which are very beautiful and cute.

Their leaves are different in color and posture. When we put them on the balcony, terrace, and windowsill, they are all gorgeous and pleasing to the eye. If we don't have a lot of space at home, we want to grow some potted plants that are not too big, or we don't have much time to grow flowers and grass, succulents are the best option. One fantastic thing about succulents is that we can reproduce them ourselves. This means that when we buy one plant, we can reproduce them ourselves with only their leaves.

As the temperatures become warm and the weather is better, it is the succulent growth season. At this time, succulents will grow strong to prepare for the summer. It is also a good time for succulent propagation. Seize the tail-end of spring, and let's start growing succulents from their cuttings.


First, choose the succulents that are easy to propagate.


The first thing we need to check is the species of succulents. For instance, Echeveria Glauca, Aeonium Arboreum, etc., have leaves that are too thin. Propagation is very hard for them. But most succulents with thick and chubby leaves, such as Graptopetalum GhostyGraptoveria DebbieEcheveria ‘Blue Bird’, are easy to care for and therefore are easy to plant.

The first thing we need to check is which type of succulent we have. Then we can choose the cuttings from these succulent plants. It would be best to select those that are easy to cut and propagate. We can directly shake the plant tree; if the leaves are easy to take off, it proves that it is easy to live during the propagating process. 


Second, it depends on the season we choose to propagate in


It is easy to grow succulents from cuttings if it is spring and early summer. It is the best time for succulents to grow roots. It would be a little more complicated and slower in the winter. Spring would be the perfect time for propagation. As long as the temperature reaches more than 10 degrees, we can propagate the leaf. The rooting speed will be very fast.


Third, it depends on the soil.


If the soil is very tough, then the propagation speed will be slow. If the soil has strong permeability, containing sand or granular soil, it will be easier to use and more manageable for roots to survive. The key for leaf-cutting propagation is to keep the soil moist, but we cannot water too much because the leaves cannot absorb too much water before rooting. We can spray a little water around the leaves instead. It is okay whether the leaf is flatly placed on the soil or oblique cutting into the soil.


We need to keep the soil wet, placing it in astigmatism and a well-ventilated area. If we start propagating now, the weather will allow the leaves to begin to take root about ten days., which is quite quick. In May, we can propagate stem cuttings; as long as we put the leaves on the soil, we can grow a large and beautiful garden.


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