How to take good care of succulents in Summer Time

【How to Take Good Care of Succulents in Summer Time】

Golden summer is the time for wearing a fairy skirt and enjoy the holiday, is also the time to enjoy the freezing beer and watching games. For the succulent lovers, the continuous high temperature and high humidity is the strongest killer to the planters ~ ~ ~ in fact as long as with the proper care, it is no big deal if you want to have a peaceful summer for plants. Here are some tips for caring for succulents in summertime:



Frequent exposure to the sun makes the succulents more colorful and compact. It is better to have more than 3 hours of sunlight a day. When the temperature exceeds 30℃ or between 11 AM and 2 pm with the strongest light in a day, the succulents should be protected from direct sunlight and should not be exposed to the outside to avoid sunburn.



If the temperature is high and stuffy, it's best to move the succulents indoors and give the shade to them or use a sunscreen or umbrella. If you live in condo which is underlit, it is best to place the succulents near a window or use ultraviolet light to increase the light.


Many people say that there is less water in summer, but in fact, plants may need more water because the summer temperature is high and the water evaporates quickly. So the timing of watering is the key. Do not water them in the day time. The temperature inside the pot is extremely high, the same as the water temperature. It is equivalent to boil the root, which will kill them. Also do not put the water directly on the leaf. This would make the light focused and burn the leaves. The time for watering must be in the evening after the temperature fell down. The time phrase can be once a week or bi-weekly. Must watering thoroughly, ensure to moisture the soil. We can check the soil by sticking a toothpick or chopsticks in a pot. We say "High temperature no high humidity, high humidity no high temperature". Remember high humidity weather can not water succulents water again!



Ventilation is essential for succulents to enjoy a safe summer, so keep windows open. Especially if you live in a condo, the best place for succulents is an open area, or use a small electric fan if there is no wind at all. Choose the planters with good air permeability is important, such as those planters with drainage hole from Springer Garden.


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