Some tips for succulents sunbathing

Summer is here, and the sun is extremely hot!

Remember when you give your succulents the sunbath, do not put them under the scorching sunlight that would burn them down. The leaves of your succulents would turn black and shrink.

But do not worry, it does not mean they are dead; just put them indoor and keep good ventilation; they will recover soon.

How should succulents preserve the shape? The Internet is full of advice. Who should we trust? Does more light mean it is better?

Everyone's maintenance methods are different, and many planting masters have their way of maintenance! So there is no right or wrong; as long as the succulents are raised well is a good way.

🍃In my opinion, if succulents act as a decoration in the home, we can put them near the window. Please don't put them close to the washroom, or in a place without sunshine. It is possible to take the sunbath through the glass, but the watering must be done at night. Do not water them in the daytime, or it would be a "sauna" for them, then their leaves would turn black and change the water. It would also be best not to pour the water on the leaves.

🍃The indoor ventilation is not as good as outdoor, so it would be easy to leave the water on the leaves and burn the leaves.

🍃If you want to take good care of the succulents, there are more considerations. For example, it is best to put the succulents outdoor and expose them to different temperatures day and night. It would be easy for them to get the color. When the sun is not enough in the winter, it is necessary to use a light lamp to supplement light.

🍃Now the weather is turning warm. We can put the succulents outdoors (10-25 degrees is the best temperature) and pay attention to put them in the shade or keep the astigmatism maintenance. The succulents can also get direct sunlight, but the process is step by step. We can't put them under the sun too long at once. For example, we could have 2 hours of direct sunlight per day in the first week, 3 hours in the second week, 4 hours in the third week, and so on.

🍃If we do not have sunlight and a lamp during the wintertime, we can lengthen the watering cycle and reduce water quantity, preventing the succulents from growing too tall. The next spring, when the sun comes out, we can keep the normal maintenance.



Springer Garden offers solutions for your succulents’ problems. The above-mentioned types of soils are all suitable for succulents provided that you give the plants the required maximum attention.

Each gardener has their own soil preference. Plus you can always try more than one soil type. Why don’t you decorate your home with Springer Garden succulents this coming summer or winter?

If you put your succulents under the sun properly, they will get color on, like the ones below:

succulent toronto indoor colour

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