More and more people fell in love with succulents and I have received several inquiry like "I want to have succulents in home but I am so afraid I will kill them, what kind of succulents should I choose".

Not everyone is the green thumb. Do not blindly pursue the succulents with the maximum beauty, because they may be extremely hard to care; Also some beginners love to buy expensive kinds, however, if the maintenance is aim-proper, is a waste of money and our energy!

In this blog, I will list 15 succulents which are easy to care, do not need much care, and can grow healthy easily under the environment of Canada.

Are you ready to get growing? 



1. Graptopetalum Mendozae or Graptopetalum Mirinae

It is hard to distinguish Graptopetalum Mendozae and Mirinae, sometimes they would confuse me too. Mendozae has more rounded leaves.

You can tell this plant can grow crazy from the image above (by our dear customers). The survival rate for Mendozae/Mirinae propagating is 100%. If you want to try propagating, it would be a perfect lab mouse for you.


2. Graptopetalum Ellen

We are easily to fall in love with Graptopetalum Amethystinum, be addicted to its pinky and fatty leaves. However, Amethystinum is hard to keep its excellent condition and requires a lot of effort to care. Graptopetalum Ellen is a similar kind with the pink tone and fat leaves, but easy to care. If you a beginner, you can start your succulents’ world exploring start with Graptopetalum Ellen.


3. Sedum Adolphi

You can take good care of Sedum Adolphi with the regular peat soil, without granular soil. Spring and autumn is her growing time and it does not need to much sunlight (however, she still needs sunlight), which is perfect for Canada’s weather.

4. Sedum Rubrotinctum Jelly Bean

Look at this (by our customer), she lives in the condo so there is not too much light (you can tell from the green colour, if it gets enough light, it would be red). Even though there was not too much light, and she is the beginners did not take care of it too much. Her Jelly Bean still grew crazy. Jelly Bean is very adaptable, and the requirements on the soil are not so strict. The only danger is to avoid sunburn in high temperature in summer time, she is hard to get any diseases and pests in regular times. When autumn comes, she will bloom her beauty.


5. Echeveria 'Perle von Nürnberg'

All kinds of Echeveria is easy to care. Echeveria 'Perle von Nürnberg' is one of them. The purple colour would fade away in summer and become deepper in the autumn time. The best growing temperature is 15-25. Remember to put it indoor in the winner time. 

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