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6. Graptoveria Blue Bird

This may be the best choice for beginners. Its leaves have a layer of light powder. Propagation is simple. In general, it has less chance to get pest, nor black rot. It is super beautiful as looking like peony blossom. You should defenitely get one of these.


     7. Sedeveria 'Harry Butterfield'

    The leaf type of thousands of 'Harry Butterfield' is very beautiful and greasy, there is a thin layer of fine powder on the leaves, leaves inserted out of the yellow-green leaves and into the plant after the blue-green leaves are very nice. The speed of leave-propagating is not fast but the germination rate is considerable. When it received plenty of sun, the transparent jelly texture would be stunning!


     8. Sedum Pachyphyllum

    The only thing you need to pay attention for is give Sedum Pachyphyllum some shading in the summer time. Otherwise, put it under the sunlight for all days in other seasons. If it has been adapted to the outdoor environment, it would even grow in its dormancy phrase - summer.


     9. Echeveria Chihuahuaensis

    Chihuahuaensis's red tip has always been particularly cute, even if it does not get colored, its state is beautiful enough! Most succulent lovers probably have a Chihuahuaensis on their garden. 


    10. Echeveria ‘Black Prince’

    One of the best seller in our store, Black Prince is one of the representatives of black succulents. Its color and shape is also unique and characteristic. If it is lack of light, the color will gradually turn green, but as long as the guarantee of light, it will be be stunning! The propagating survival rate is high, you should try if you like it.


     11. Graptoveria Tituban

    The Graptoveria Tituban is the first choice for beginners. Its leaves have a layer of light rose powder, the propagating is easy and hard to grow pests or get the “black root”. You have to get one even for its beauty.


    12. Crassula Rupestris Var.

    It is super easy to care like Graptopetalum Mendozae or Graptopetalum Mirinae, or Sedum Rubrotinctum Jelly Bean. The only thing is pay attention to ventilation and shading in the midsummer.


    13. Plectranthus Cerveza'n Lime

    It is super easy to get a full pot of Plectranthus Cerveza'n Lime. It is easy to be filled with a sense of achievement if you plant it. It likes a sunny environment and is suitable for potted plants.

    14. Orostachys Iwarenge Chinese Dunce Cap

    Orostachys Iwarenge Chinese Dunce Cap grows super fast, has a strong adaptability. It would not stop growing in the summer time. It would easy to grow crazy. It can be a perfect decoration for succulent arrangement. To ensure the appearance of the Orostachys Iwarenge Chinese Dunce Cap. It would be the best not to let the leaves get water when watering.


    15. Echeveria Dionysos

    The succulent of the dark color, it can bear the dryness and it will grow stronger in its growing season, autumn. Remember do not water it too much in summer as it is experiencing the dormancy.

    Hope you have a good journey of succulents world exploring ;)

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