Winter Tips for Succulent Care

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Fall represents a time that prepares succulents for the winter, given that the plants grow in spurts during the period. The winter is a period of hibernation before spring revitalizes the plants.

Succulents, like humans, need protection from inclimate and cold temperatures of the winter months.



As winter emerges, the air becomes colder and progressively dry. Because of a reduction in daylight hours, place your succulents in sunny areas of your home. This will keep their colors vibrant and allow the leaves to remain plump.

Because you cannot open your window during the winter, your succulents may receive insufficient sunlight and grow lengthwise. To avoid this from happening, place the plants close to the window or use a plant light for growth and health.

Tip: Place plants in the sunlight during the day to keep them healthy and vibrant. Rotate the pots so the plants receive sunlight from all sides.



During the winter, water succulents less than what you do during other times. Increase the days by five days in between watering’s to prevent issues with overwatering and disease.

Water succulents at daytime unless the temperature falls below zero. Cease watering for weaker succulents or those plants that have a harder time in the cold. Spray water on the leaves if the air is overly dry.


Protection Against Cold Temperatures

When the ambient temperature falls below 5 degrees Fahrenheit, place succulents inside. If the conditions are windy, move the plants inside before the temperature drops to 10 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent damage from the cold. Even if the sun shines brightly, move the plants inside.

Defrost leaves that are covered with frost. Place the plants, while defrosting, in the shade to prevent sunburn. Succulents with burns may yellow or stop growing. This is especially true for Lithops and Conophytums. Open the window at some point during the day to provide the plants with ventilation.



Succulents grow slower in the winter and absorb less nutrients. Therefore, you don't need to fertilize them during this period.

As the temperature gradually rises in the late winter, repot your succulents (around February). Doing so, during this time, encourages young succulents to grow. Wait to repot small to medium-sized succulents until March.


Closing note: 

Winter can be an unpredictable time when caring for succulents. If you have questions or concerns, let us know so we can help and provide advice.


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