General Tips for [Korean] Succulents Caring

Make sure you have read this blog first How to Take Care of Korean Succulents / Tips for Succulents Caring in Different Seasons

1. Keeping Korean succulents dry is better than watering them excessively. If the succulents are not in a good condition, watering to save them would be harmful.

2. It is important to note that Korean succulents we are selling are having the clean and short roots. They may tend to be shaky as they have short roots. It is therefore advisable to give them time to develop roots, let them attach to the soil and grow strong.

3. Korean succulents can easily be killed by regular soil like peat due to the high water accumulation capacity. It is therefore advisable to use granular soil because it is hard to crash and has good drainage. To grow succulents, it is recommended that you use a mixture of granular soil and regular soil. Soil is extremely important for planting, check more here

4. We recommend using small planters with drainage holes for Korean succulents, as we can observe the condition of watering with the small planters easily.

5. The bottom leaves of the succulents would shrink and drop soon when we plant them into the soil. It means they are absorbing the nutrition from the soil and they are growing. You can see new leaves are growing from the centre. It is normal and does not need to be a worry at all.


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