How to Take Care of Korean Succulents / Tips for Succulents Caring in Different Seasons

Since Springer Garden Korean Rare Succulents Collection started, more and more succulent lovers ask how to take care of Korean succulents. Korean succulents are easy to care for than local succulents as they are imported from Korea, which has excellent conditions for growing succulents. But remember that, since all the Korean succulents in Springer Garden are without soil, do not water them for the first week after you place them into the soil and planter; give them some time to settle down.

  • Here is the article to tell you what we should do before we place them into a new planter.
  • Soil is also vital for succulents, here is the article showing you all kinds of soil and formula for soil, here is the article teaching you how to use the soil.

The following tips are not only for Korean succulents but also for all kinds of succulents.


Make Sure Your Succulents Get Enough Light

Light is extremely important for succulents; it helps succulents to grow healthy and grow colors. I know sunlight is not commonly seen in Canada's land, thus we can supplement light using LED growing light found at Springer Garden.

Succulents love light and need about six hours of sun per day, depending on the type of succulent. Newly planted succulents can scorch when placed in direct sunlight, so you may need to gradually introduce them to full sun exposure or provide shade with a sheer curtain.


❄️ Winter

Winter is the most beautiful time for succulents, as long as the temperature difference between day and night is big enough and the light is good enough. It will get colored. So the Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is very good for succulents. They will be super pretty, and the leaves would be super fat.

Don't water them in the coldest time of winter. Water at noon when the sun is shining. I usually water it every 12 to 20 days.


🌞Spring and Autumn

Caring for succulents in Spring and Autumn caring is the simplest. Give them some sunlight without shading. Make sure you water them once a week, and the water goes through every inch of the soil. Using planters with the drainage hole would help you a lot. The mixed soil would be helpful for succulents. Here are some tips for succulents sunbathing.


🍉 Summer

When the temperature is above 33 degrees, we should pay attention to the sun in the morning. Do not burn the succulents (Here are tips for what you should do if you burn your succulents). Very high temperatures are detrimental. They can burn the plants and they will eventually die.

To prevent this, spray a little water at night, but be sure to have good ventilation! Otherwise, it's easy to get sick and develop black rot. Watering should better be done in the evening. Do not put them in the rain for few days. Put them under the sunlight after the rain, but the occasional rain is good for them. In short, do not expose them to the sun for a long time, no continuing raining, do not put them indoors for hours, and maintain the good ventilation. Otherwise, it will die, and the roots and leaves will turn black. 


Succulents are easy to care for, but the fact seems not. However, if you pay great attention and care to them, they will grow strong and beautiful!

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  • Posted by Ashe from Springer Garden on

    Hi Ervin,
    You are doing a good job taking care of your succulents! As the weather is getting colder, it would be a good time to stretch that to once every 2 weeks. As I think you are doing well in watering, please keep good ventilation to help succulents evaporate more quickly and efficiently, breathe properly, and grow better :)

  • Posted by Penny Thompson on

    I have a raindrop echeveria succulent. Its lower leaves constantly shrivel and die off. The drop formation is not happening on the newer top leaves. It is in a sunny window spot, which is getting sunnier as we move into fall and winter – I live in Canada. I may have overwatered it at one time, but I let it dry out. I worry it is dying.

  • Posted by Ashe from Springer Garden on

    Hi Penny! For any products from our store, we guarantee the quality. If you have any concerns with your plants, please take a photo and send it to us at We are happy to help!

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