Korean Rare Succulents *Premium* Bundle

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Add Spring to your home or office when you receive our premium Korean rare succulents bundle. This premium bundle comes in various packs of plants - with 6, 10, 15, 20, and 30 plants included in each pack.

Order this mixed bundle at affordable wholesale pricing and quickly add the warm feel of springtime to different spots in your house!

*The plants featured in this bundle represent a random assortment of succulents, imported from Korea. Therefore, the plants you receive will be different than what you see in the photo. While the quality is the same, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same exact plants.

6 PACK $114.99

10 PACK $179.99

15 PACK $260.99

20 PACK $339.99

30 PACK $494.99

Please be advised: Due to shipping, the size of the succulent may shrink and be off from the measurement provided. 

What to Expect

This plant is bear-root which means there will not be soil nor nursery pot with the plant. It would be wrapped with a napkin carefully and tagged with the name label.

Please notice due to the resolution of the screen, season, light exposure, and transit time, the color might be slightly different. The size of the succulent may shrink and be off from the measurement provided. We value truthfulness a lot and we always try to make sure all our descriptions match the actual product. We guarantee our quality and provide lifetime support.

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