Korean Succulents *Beginner* DIY Kit

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New to Succulents World? Wanna try planting Korean Succulents?šŸŒøWe have EVERYTHING you need in this Beginner DIY KIT!

Order this mixed bundle at affordable wholesale pricing and quickly add the warm feel of springtime to different spots in your house!

What included
    • 3 Random Korean Succulents
    • 3 "Pink Bun" Collection ceramicĀ potsĀ 
    • 1 Bag of Mixed Soil
    • 1 Bag of white stone
    • Tool Set
    • Succulent caringĀ tips card
Potting Instruction

Please check this blog for Repotting Instruction


The plants featured in this bundle represent a randomĀ assortment of succulents and pots, imported from Korea. Therefore, the plants you receive will be different than what you see in the photo. While the quality is the same, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same exact plants.



Avoid overwatering, water it when the soil is completely dry.


Prefers full sun, and needs about four-six hours of sun per day. It can change color depending on the sun exposure and temperature differences.


Prefer 18-22°C, not lower than 5°C, and extend 35°C

You May Need These

Repotting Instructions - Step by Step

Repotting Service: springergarden.com/collections/tools/products/handcraft-fee

Succulents love granular soil that is loose and ventilated, and their roots need a lot of oxygen. Any hard and hot soil would easily damage the root, and the lack of oxygen will breed many anaerobic bacteria. They also love soils that are easy to drain and have a certain water-holding ability.

How to use soil to help your succulents grow better?


Buy Soil & Tools: springergarden.com/collections/tools

Spring Tips

Summer Tips

Autumn Tips

Winter Tips

Buy Pots: springergarden.com/collections/all-pots

Buy Soil: springergarden.com/collections/tools